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Trimming Shears And Mini Microscope Combo

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The Perfect Combo

Get the trimming shears and mini microscope as a cute little combo deal.

This mini illuminating microscope is great for checking trichomes, looking for tiny critters or just getting up close and personal with your plants. And they’re just too cute. They light up so you can see even better and you can get some great photos. We love them and so will you.

(Batteries included because we know it’s the worst to try find these stupid little batteries)

We searched high and low to find the best trimming and pruning scissors for the job.

These shears are lightweight and super durable. They can tackle small and big jobs whilst protecting your hand with their ergonomic design. Keep them clean and they’ll last forever.

Ideal for that healthy preflower defoliation. These cuties will also be your best friends during the post harvest “trim jail”.

We found the best and put them to the test, so you don’t have to!

( Also available in the Flower Box or individually )

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  1. Would like some guidance on what to purchase and how this works.

  2. Hi I made a purchase on the bean hankie last night would just like to know if I’ll get notified when it’s getting delivered.


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