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The Veg Phase is when your babies will really hit their stride, growing bigger and taller, every day. The Veg Box offers you all the tools you need for the first month of your vegetative stage. We’ll teach you how to clone your strongest females, so you’ll never have to worry about seeds again. You’ll also learn how to top and train your plants for bigger, better yields. 

Each kit contains:

5 x 10L Plant Matter Velcro Grow bags

3 x Coco blocks

50ml x Grow nutrients

50ml x Bloom nutrients

10ml x Kelpak

1 x Syringe

1 x bag of CalMag

10ml x Cloning gel

5 x Jiffy pellets

5 x Jiffy Pots

5 x Ice cream sticks

10m Garden wire 

20 x Wooden skewers

Membership to the Grow With Us Club - an online portal for all your grow information

* Seeds / plants are not included.

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  1. Would like some guidance on what to purchase and how this works.

  2. Hi I made a purchase on the bean hankie last night would just like to know if I’ll get notified when it’s getting delivered.


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