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The Companion Starter Kit

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The Companion Starter Kit

The Companion Starter Kit is the perfect way to start your healing herb garden. We’ve hand picked 5 great medicinal plants which are beneficial to you and your garden. Each plant is fast growing and packs major healing and nutrition into a small space. Companion planting helps to improve your garden by managing pests, attracting beneficial creatures, improving soil quality and increasing terpene production. 

Each kit contains:

5 x Seed Packs (dill, basil, lavender, alfalfa and chamomile)

* please note you can now choose from 16 amazing companion plants for your box. Pick your fave 5 to Grow With Us *

5 x Jiffy Pots

5 x Jiffy pellets

1 x Water bottle 500ml

5 x Ice cream sticks

5 x Wooden skewers

1 x Plant wire

Exclusive membership to the Grow With Us Club - an online portal for all your grow information

Pick from 16 amazing companions to start your healing garden. Pick your favorite 5 to Grow With Us! Read more about these great plants here:

All you need to do is add water and get growing. 

Order a Companion Starter plus a regular or Bean Bank Starter Kit or Combo Box and use the promo code: COMPANIONS for a further discount. 

They make the perfect little gift and they’re a great way to get everyone growing and healing themselves naturally.

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