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The Bean Bank Starter Kit

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We’ve teamed up with our friends at Bean Bank to bring you the perfect way to get growing. This cute little box comes with everything you need to get growing your first little babies. You just have to add water! There’s no reason not to start. 

You’ll get a choice of any 5 Beans from our friends at Bean Bank. Click the Bean Bank tab at the top of the page to browse the selection and get info on the strains.

Each kit contains:

5 x Bean Bank Beans

5 x Jiffy Pots

5 x Jiffy pellets

1 x Water bottle

5 x Ice cream sticks

5 x Wooden skewers

1 x Plant wire

Membership to the Grow With Us Club - an online portal for all your grow information

They make the perfect little gift and they’re a great way to get everyone growing and enjoying this versatile plant. Let’s start a revolution.

There are discounts if you order a few so get a couple and give them away. 

( Buy 2 for R1000 and shipping stays the same )

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  1. Would like some guidance on what to purchase and how this works.

  2. Hi I made a purchase on the bean hankie last night would just like to know if I’ll get notified when it’s getting delivered.


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