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Preflower Box 1 ( 5 X 20L )

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During your preflower phase, your kids will mature into adults. They can grow up to 300% in this preflower stretch so we want to give them lots of room to grow. Your Preflower Box is your last chance to upsize your pot. You can choose between a 20L; 50L or 100L Plant Matter grow bag. You can mix and match to suit your needs. We’ll give you all the tools for this stage, including your medium, all the food your plants could possible need and a basic ph testing and altering kit (so you can start using tap water on your babies) as well as more training equipment to increase your yields.

Preflower Box 1 (5 x 20L) includes:

5 x 20L Velcro Grow bags

5kg Coco

200ml Grow nutrients

100ml Bloom nutrients

20ml Kelpak

2 x Syringes

2 x Bags of Calmag

5 x Ice cream sticks

20 x Wooden pegs

10m Plant wire

30ml PH testing kit

20ml PH down

Membership to the Grow With Us Club - an online portal for all your grow information

P.s the more you buy, the more you save. Contact us, we can make up special boxes just for you, tailor made to suit your grow needs.

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