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These wonderful heating pads will change your germination game. A large part of non germinated seeds, and or lost seedlings, have to do with the very specific environment that your cannabis requires to ensure it have a strong healthy life. Providing the perfect heating conditions is crucial and will define an experienced grower.

Simply plug them in and put your seedlings in jiffy’s on top to ensure your cannabis seedlings are getting all the warmth they need. Especially during the winter season, your babies will need something to keep them warm. Nothing easier and hassle free like the Bean Bank heating pads

4 sizes available


150 x 212 ; 9watts

R85/1 unit 

212 x 370 ; 20watts 

R110/1 unit 

355 x 360 ; 20watts 

R130/1 unit 

212 x 370 ; 14watts 

R110/1 unit

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  1. Would like some guidance on what to purchase and how this works.

  2. Hi I made a purchase on the bean hankie last night would just like to know if I’ll get notified when it’s getting delivered.


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