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We’ve got you covered for the grow season. Everything you need from seed to harvest and beyond. All wrapped up, in one big box of dreams. It includes all our favorite, tried and tested products to see you through the grow season...

First, you’ll get a choice of any 4 regular photo beans from our "Personal Collection".

(Click the "Personal Collection" tab at the top of the page to browse the selection and get info on the strains.)

Second, choose how you want to grow, salt or organic and pick your nutrient line.

We’ll give you 4 little homes to start and 4 big homes to finish in. Plus 80L of medium all neatly wrapped up. We’re also adding some secret weapons like our Liquid Gold Biodyne, calmag to buffer your coco and some diatomaceous earth and hydrogen peroxide, great all round products. There are also labels for your babies and some basic training tools.

Add on the trimmers, mini microscope and scale and you’ll be set for harvest too.

Finally, you’ll get access to the Grow With Us Club, an online portal for all your growing knowledge. We’re with you, every step of the way.

Each kit contains:

  • 4 x Beans (pick from the regular photo beans in our "Personal Collection")
  • Nutrients for the season (GHE Flora Coco Tripack - 500ml Grow, Bloom, Ripen OR Terra Organics range - 1L Grow and 1L Bloom)
  • 1 x Ph kit and ph down
  • 4 x 20L Plant Matter fabric bags
  • 1 x 5kg Coco which makes 50L
  • 30L of Perlite/ Vermiculite mix
  • 2 x Biodyne 100ml Liquid Gold
  • 500g Calmag
  • 50ml Hydrogen peroxide
  • 250ml Diatomaceous earth
  • 1 x Large spray bottle
  • 4 x Jiffy pots
  • 4 x Jiffy pellets
  • 3 x Syringes
  • 30m Plant wire
  • 20 x Ice cream sticks
  • 20 x Pegs

Access to the Grow With Us Club

Add on:

  • 1 x Mini microscope
  • 1 x Trimmers
  • 1 x Pocket scale

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