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Your babies will finally be reaching maturity. We'll give you everything you need to see them through the flowering phase. You'll get shears to prune and trim; a mini microscope to get up close and personal with your plants; as well as all the food your babies could possibly need. We'll also add in some hydrogen peroxide, a great all-round disinfectant, and a ball of wool to help you open your buds up to maximum light.

Flower Box includes:

1 x Pruning and Trimming Shears

1 x Mini Illuminating Microscope

100ml Grow nutrients

200ml Bloom nutrients

60g x Calmag

50ml Hydrogen Peroxide

1 x Syringe

1 x Ball of wool

Membership to the Grow With Us Club - an online portal for all your grow information

P.s the more you buy, the more you save. Contact us, we can make up special boxes just for you, tailor made to suit your grow needs.

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  1. Would like some guidance on what to purchase and how this works.

  2. Hi I made a purchase on the bean hankie last night would just like to know if I’ll get notified when it’s getting delivered.


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