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Just add water

Everything you need from seed to harvest and beyond, conveniently delivered to your door each month.

We provide you with the tools and the knowledge to grow your own cannabis from seed to harvest and beyond. Everything you need conveniently delivered to you each month. Just add water. You’ll also get exclusive access to the Grow With Us Club, an online portal for all your growing questions and information. With articles, videos, images and a forum to chat to other growers, you’ll have everything you need to successfully

Grow With Us.

How it works


Start this fun process all over again


Realize you might just be addicted to this growing thing (Don't say we didn't warn you)


Harvest and enjoy the fruits of your labour


Choose what type of cannabis you want to grow


Join the Grow With Us Club and get all the best tips and tricks

Grow With Us - Logo - final.jpg


Get seeds


Order your grow kit each month


Add water and watch them grow

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About Us 

We are passionate about cannabis, growing and education. For the first time in decades, cannabis is finally getting its chance in the limelight. As legal bans lift around the world, people are realizing the true potential of the cannabis plant. No longer just for stoners and retired hippies, cannabis has so many applications and science is only just seen the tip of the iceberg. We believe in cannabis but more importantly we believe that everyone should have the right, the knowledge and the tools to grow this amazing plant. So, join the revolution and Grow With Us.

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